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Products Photography

"Although recently, I have close my studio, still, I can help you with your headshots and product photography."

We can help small businesses stand out by professional white background product photos to be presentable and detailed enough to be used on Amazon and E-Bay, or other e-commerce websites. The product photos will be taken from four different angles ( front, left, right, backside), and if you need an add-on, you can have close-up photos of details or certain components to illustrate the product’s functions.

All of our photos are taken in RAW format so that photo editing and adjustments can be configured at ease. 

Product Photography

​​ To sell and market your products successfully and easier on commercial advertising websites, such as Amazon, E-Bay, e-commerce, & other websites, you need to provide buyers, pure white background product photos; to visualize and see the products clearly, and help them decide what they need to buy.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is capturing something small and making it look larger than its actual size in life. 

Macro Photography would be used for small objects by using the full depth of field to ensure clarity throughout the object or shallow depth of the field for artistic purposes.

Jewellery Photography

 The income of jewelry online sellers directly depends on "beautiful pictures." You can ensure that even tiny diamonds and stones in jewelry, watches, necklaces, rings would be shot clearly by Focus Stacking Jewellery Photography. "Focus Stacking" is the process of blending multiple images, with a different focus area, into one final image.

What we're used to taking photos


-1/160 s

-ISO 100

-Canon Macro Lens EF 100 mm -1:2.8L

-Canon EOS 6D Mark II (Full Frame)

-3 x 640 WS Einstein Buff Studio Strobes

-RAW Photos were Edited in Camera Raw & Photoshop.

-Final Files are in JPEG.

Photos were taken by Noushin J.

 (North Joy Photography)

North Joy Photography/ Product Photography/ photo e-commerce/ Etsy/


-1/160 s

-ISO 100

-Canon Macro Lens EF 100 mm -1:2.8L

-Canon EOS 6D Mark II (Full Frame)

-3 x 640 WS Einstein Buff Studio Strobes

Photos were taken

by Noushin J. 

(North Joy Photography)

Pricing Schedule

Our pricing schedule will vary depending on

  1.  The number of products to photo shot
  2.  The items' size​
  3.  Items' photo editing complexity
  4.  How far to travel to pick up the products?
  5.  Whether or not the photoshoot occurs at our office or customer’s location.
  6.  Please email us for an estimated quote​.


Photo Editing Included

All product photos involve extensive photo editing to blend the product into a pure white background. Also, as requested by the customer, we can remove unwanted artifacts, dirt or debris or modify the product’s look cleaner.  


 We can apply simple graphic design such as infographics, pictograms, logos, descriptions, blend photos into one, illustrate certain components of the products selling, and include different angle shots, separate feature shots and descriptions for shoppers to learn more about the products being sold.

We Serve Anywhere, in BC.

We serve multiple Product and Macro Photography areas in the Lower Mainland area, including Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, Surrey, Langley,  Maple Ridge, BC. 

We can accept small to medium-sized objects from anywhere around the BC; to do product photography. Companies can mail in the product to us, and we photograph them, then we courier back the product to them. Alternatively, companies can mail us a dummy version of the product for us to photograph. We can also always meet with the customer in person, 

in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, to pick up the products for photographing.

During the courier process, please ensure the item is traceable with a tracking number.

Equipment Setup and Photo Editing

Professional studio types of equipment such as softboxes, snoots, umbrellas, barns, and more ( Anything it would be necessary to get the best result of photographing your products) with professional 640 WS studio strobes, white backgrounds are used in products photos. We ensure that the product photos turn out bright, clear, and detail, following the histogram check procedures. That way, dark products turn out brighter with details. We use advanced photography equipment such as a horizontal level tripod, white background system and large softbox or umbrella lightings to maximize photoshoot quality. Umbrella lighting will illuminate the subject very well with soft light shadows (no harsh shadows). A white background is required to assist in the photo editing stage for a pure white background.


providing your services online or remotely

• Yes, we can provide product photography and Graphic design services online and remotely.
• We can accept small to medium-sized products, which are not heavy.
• We ask you to ship products to us with a tracking number, and after we received it, we start to work on it.  ( It takes about 2 to 4 days, but recently because of covid-19, sometimes it takes longer to receive it). 
• When we receive your products, we start photographing them. Your photos will be ready after 7 to 10 days.
• Please carefully pack up all the items you need to photograph and ship them to us via UPS/FedEx or USPS ( To Have Tracking Number).
• Pay special attention to the products you send; ensure any labels are straight, and the product is in excellent condition.
• If you want your items returned, we do ship them back to you.
• We can either ship them back on your UPS or FedEx Account or Bill you for the return shipping via UPS/FedEx.
• Please note we do not return items via USPS unless you provide a return label.
• You may also include a return label for UPS or FedEx.
• If you do not want your items returned, let us know; we will either dispose of your product at your request or donate reusable items.
• Let us know what you intend to have us do with your products within 30 days after your photoshoot (return, dispose, donate), or we will dispose of them for you.​

Changes we have made for you to keep you safe from Covid-19.

• At this time, I am just providing product photography and short time headshots photo sessions.

• Only one client would be captured at any given time. For headshots, there would be no poses methods.

• I provide "Tethered Photography," which means shooting with a camera linked to the computer. Hence, the images bypass the camera’s memory storage and go directly to a photo management software program on the computer. Tethering software then displays the images on the laptop screen as they are captured so clients can see photos clearly on a monitor much bigger than the camera itself can offer at the same time. And chose the one they like in the same session. Tethering not only reduces the session time but also, we can keep our social distance.  


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