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What is a RAW format photo?

Very short and easy description

RAW files are almost equivalent to an analog negative. If we think about it as a photo negative, it cannot be just shared after shooting photos; the files need to be processed.

What is the great thing about a RAW file?

RAW files are huge files, and we can have a lot of information about the photos taken; and in post-production, it can be done a lot of manipulations and changes to the files.

Why not shoot with a JPEG file?

One of the drawbacks of shooting with JPEG instead of RAW is; JPEG clips a little bit of the file information, but the RAW file has all the possible pieces of information.  JPEGs are compressed files form; so, JPEGs are great to be share and store.

How to change RAW files to JPEG files?

RAW files will be processed in Camera Raw and then will be open in Adobe Photoshop. At last, after post-production, they can be saved in JPEG or any other format. 

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