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When shooting product photography, tethering is an easy way to really step up your game.

Seeing images on a larger screen helps capture the details and make sure you’ve nailed focus.

Once I got in the hang of tethering on product shoots, I started using it while shooting portraits too. People love to see themselves, and it really helps when there are other decision-makers who want to see the images live. This improves communication, feedback and overall client happiness.

With many shoots happening remotely now given the pandemic, tethering is a great way to work with remote teams as well. Many programs allow you to shoot and share images live with people who cannot be on set

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Noushin from North Joy Photography, there are not always happy clients for a business,...‘The customers are always right’...  But sometimes, we need to weigh up whether fighting my point will get me anywhere or damaging  my reputation and business by a not honest review...Currently, as you see I had a difficalt client who has threatened me; she will post bad comments and reviews for my business and myself, and if she does not do it, her husband for sure will do it ...It is OK... but still, it is a question for me if I capture photos immaturely and unprofessionally, ... Why should you ask for having all the files from RAW Formate to JPEG formate for free, and why you wanted to print one of your photos on large size canvas?!! I still have your handwriting in my notebook, with the photo numbers you have chosen from the photos were taken, for sure they are even more than 10 photos, and I have edited those photo numbers with the circle around them... I still have our chats on whats-app!!! ...I am surprised by your dissatisfaction & complain about fast postproduction turnover, ( Everybody asks for It !!!!). ...after I fell, I called you to let you know I had an accident. You talked to me in your own manner, but I remember that I could not answer you because of the pain I had, and I was lessening to you as others around me were too —nobody should have to tolerate abuse.... Unfurinatly after our day session, you got a matter of taste, not a technical matter.  For technical matter, I asked you twice for going to a  Vancouver well-known photographer, and you said you do not have time and you do not want to come..  If you had just a simple google search for Silhouette photos or Golden Time photos and lifestyle photography I am sure you could find your way better,... when you received your photos you send me a photo in night with down town view and you asked me why I did not capured a photo like that.!!!..  I know you want to have a fish for a freebie, but I can not give you a large size canvas worth of $250 for free or less than what it coasts for me ... in that day I have booked a full day from 10:30 until 5:15 for you... I had organized every thing form your makeup - hair stylist artist .,  indoor and out door photography, with professional studio strobs and full equipments and  a good and smooth day I also provided more than more than two hours, again for your late arrival and time for choosing your photos, and all of these were just $150 and risk of covid and your complains and bad reviews .  ....Long story short.... A photographer spend at lest 2  years collage courses... Do you think an amateur photographer who does not know about her camera zoom lens can take a photo with a DSLR full-frame camera which  have spacial learning course for just functions and menues of the camera's body,...I am sure you do not know the camera body comes without a lens, so for buying lenses, you also need to pass the necessary course to know about what to buy because you need to have at least two lenses for your full or half-frame camera ?!... I am sure you do not knew  the camera's lenses body, have AF ( auto-focus) key adjustment and Stabilizer, and also on the cameras body, we have shutter speed priority setting; so even a semi-professional photographer, who have just passed one year her/his collage courses and is a little bit slow-changing manually between Shutter Speed, Aperture, and IOS, can take a photo, without technical problem and there is lots of difference between a photo taken with a half-frame, a full-frame and cellphone....they have different resolutions.and noises depending to their resolution and size, and any of them can be cropped in different sizes. .. The quality of RAW photos and JPEG photos and their post-production is very different...

PLEASE do not try to get the advantage of new and small businesses and threatening them for leaving bad comments...Yes, it is easy to leave an unfair and false review. 

Still, I am not sure if this is legally correct and acceptable by leaving false comments for a business, ruin a family's income and so many years of a person's attempt, effort, time, money, not being hours with family, and so many other things just for your satisfaction... How unfair ...

As I have sent you many times your printable session paper and you time table scatuale from 10.30 to 5.15...

your session fee was $150

-30mins indoorf

-1 hour and 30 mins outdoor

-Included 5 photos professionally retouched; the same photos will be printed in 4x6 inches photography glossy papers.

-This package does not include the original Raw or JPEG photo files.

30 mins an in-door session

- Just one colour backdrop (One RAW photo will be professionally retouched.)

-White backdrop for Silhouette photos (One photo will be professionally retouched.

-any additional will be retouched with %30 off for 24.50 (Original price for each photo retouch is $35)

-Same retouched photos will be printed on 4x6 inches premium glossy paper; any additional copy will be printed with %30 off for $3.50 (original price for Extra copy is $5)

1 hour & 30mins outdoor session

-No matter how many photos will be taken

- 3 Raw photos of the outdoor will be professionally retouched.

Any additional will be retouched with %30 off for $24.50 (Original price for each photo retouch is $35.)

Click Here to Add a TitleThe reason is that you, as a photographer, are much more than just a person with a camera. People are paying you for your knowledge and skills, your ability to work with people and capture their emotions and to create beauty and art with the press of a shutter button. You have experience shaped by years of trial and errorWhy you should hire a professional photographer?

Often times the cost of professional photography makes it tempting for business owners to take photos themselves or find a lower cost alternative to hiring a professional photographer. If this thought crosses your mind, remember: your photos represent your brand

Noshin from North Joy Photography. However, sometimes it is necessary to defend me and my business reputation from dishonest and false reviews... It seems to pay $150, she had high expectations of getting more, but she has received exactly according to the contract she had received by WhatsApp many times. and for what a client wants to wear I can not make a code. some clients want to have pyjamas and some with Halloween custom and someone Dreese and someone professional I am just a photographer, not fashion stylist, I just follow up photos according to the contract I send to clients,...  Regarding professional photography and photos, I suggested her for getting a second opinion from a well-known professional photographer, but she refused. To avoid further conflict with a non-sense lady, I had a third party deliver printed photos, which she had before received their digital files by WhatsApp. ( I believe nobody has to tolerate abuse more than two times.)...However, I am surprised she baselessly reviews none of the photos were professionally captured, and she had not chosen any of them. I still have your handwriting in my notebook and our WhatsApp chats!!! You wanted to have all your files from Raw format to Jpeg format for free ...

And your interest and insist on printing one of your photos on a large size canvas. If you can not pay the order for $250, I can not do anything more for you and give it to you as a gift or less than it cost me. I have already arranged a full day of my working space for you from morning to afternoon ...your makeup artist, hairstylist your indoor and 3 location outdoor session for $150 ... I am a business owner, and you are a client, We are Not family members!

again & again, 

I do NOT accept any white dresses or weddings like dresses, or flowers in your hands or any hair's crown in your hair. EVEN YOU. 

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