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How product photography pricing works

Product photography projects are almost always priced either by the product or by the image. Let’s look at how these pricing approaches differ

By the product:

With this pricing structure, the service provider will quote a price per product regardless of the number of images taken per product (2 images will cost you the same as 8).

Because there is a cost associated with each and every image – photography, editing, QA, formatting and delivering – product photography pricing by the product is not that common.

By the image:

With this pricing structure, the service provider will quote you a price per product image. As mentioned above, because each image has costs associated with it, service providers, Visual SKUs included, like to quote by the image.

Service providers will ask you to list the number of products in each product category that need images and the image views or angles you require for each product category. The net result will be the total number of images required for the project. It will take a bit more effort to come up with the total image count for the project but it will be worth it because you will be able to budget the project much more accurately.

5 key factors that impact product photography pricing

The following 5 factors will have the biggest impact on the prices the service provider will quote you for your product photography project:

1. Location of the project: The biggest decision you need to make when planning your project is where will your products will be photographed – at your business (warehouse, distribution center, office, or store) or at the service provider’s photography studio. Photography projects that take place at your business have different pricing structures compared to photography projects that take place at the service provider’s studio.

To understand the options you have when outsourcing your product photography project read this post: 3 Options for Outsourcing Your Product Shots

2. A number of products per product category: Price per image is usually inversely related to the number of products you have in each product category. It is all about economies of scale. If you have a large number of products in one category the photographer can set up once and shoot many products quickly. This equals a lower price per image. Conversely, if you have few products per category the photographer will be changing camera and lighting setups often slowing production. This will mean that your per-image price will be higher.

3. The number of images per product: It takes time for the photographer to get a product ready for photography – taking it out of the package, assembling, cleaning, etc. Once that product is photography-ready and the first image is captured it takes less time to capture subsequent images as the product is already prepared for photography and in the photographer’s hands. For these reasons, the average price per image will be lower if more images per product are required.

4. Type of product categories: The type of products that require imaging is a major factor affecting the price. If your products are small and simple – like a coffee mug for example – photography and editing will be relatively quick and therefore the price per image will be lower. If your products are complex with many pieces or large and heavy – like furniture or sporting equipment – they will be much more difficult and slower to photograph and therefore will cost more per image.

5. Image usage: You may be using your product images for basic marketing purposes – electronic catalogue, e-commerce site, etc. – or for specialized marketing purposes like high-end print advertising. The ultimate usage of the images will impact how the products are photographed and how the images are edited. Expect to pay much more per image if you require specialized marketing images.

Christmas & New Year



45 mins


45 mins, an in-door session

Up to 20 Photos will be taken. 

3 Photos will be professionally retouched  ( Any additional for $35 will be professionally retouched.).

This promotion does not includes any RAW or JPEG original files.

You will get only the JPEG retouched files printable up to 11 x 17 inches

The same retouched photos will be printed in 4 X 6 inches premium glossy photo paper.

Any additional print of the same photos retouched will be printed for $5. 

I do NOT accept any white dresses or weddings like dresses, or flowers in your hands or any hair's crown in your hair. EVEN YOU.